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Joining the Group

Prospective students who are interested in working with us on groundbreaking research related to computer vision, computational imaging, and/or sensor hardware design should please complete this Google form. Note that we cannot respond to all email inquiries that we receive, so this is the best way to see that your request is recorded and seen. For details specific to graduate or undergraduate students, see below.

Prospective MSc and PhD Students

Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and/or the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. To make sure that we see your application, please list our names in your research statement.

We are looking for students with interests and/or background in the following areas.

  • computational imaging: novel imaging sensors, computational optics, computational cameras, computational microscopy, unconventional sensing modalities (time-of-flight, acoustic, ultrasound, infrared, coherent, etc), applications in medical and scientific imaging
  • computer vision: computer vision for mobile phones, structure from motion, 3D shape acquisition, 2D/3D tracking, 3D scene understanding, image segmentation, machine learning for computer vision, physics-based vision
  • computer graphics: motion capture, 3D shape acquisition, image- and video-based modeling, computational light transport
  • machine learning: neural scene representations, generative modeling, editable and interpretable representations, neural rendering, applications to computational imaging and multiview reconstruction
  • sensor hardware design: CMOS analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits/systems design, semiconductor device physics, CMOS image sensor experimental characterization, digital systems for computer vision, embedded systems for computer vision

Please also see our individual pages for more information (linked to our photos, above).

Undergraduate Students

We are also looking for highly motivated undergraduate students from UofT with an interest in the above research areas and an ambition to pursue graduate research after their undergraduate program. Please see our individual pages for more information (linked to our photos, above).